Quotes on “Through Our Darkest Days”

Matt Heafy (Trivium):

“The Kings of Danish Metal have returned with another incredible record, Through Our Darkest Days. Their seventh effort is still very much of what new and old fans have always loved in Mercenary – only this time the band can be seen traversing new realms of melody in an almost old school Metal approach (in their very own modern way of course). The song writing is as air-tight as the riffs, the vocals are staggering in their range and versatility. Whether into the old, the new, or the middle-ground… any who call Metal a genre they love must be into this band.”

Ward Slojkowski (Psychotic Waltz):

“Through Our Darkest Days” is the best thing I have heard from my friends from Denmark, Mercenary. Strong tracks from beginning to end. Very solid effort here. Tight rhythms , killer vocals , excellent guitar solos, memorable songs…what more could you want? Fucking buy it now! \m/”

Merlin (Eluveitie):

“I’ve long been a sucker for epic guitar solos and displays of outstanding musicianship. Mercenary get all this just right, while delivering massive punch along with it and always staying musical!”

Press reviews and quotes on ‘Through Our Darkest Days’:

Metal Hammer Germany: #3 on soundcheck
Aardschock: #5 on soundcheck
Rock Hard Germany: 9/10, Soundcheck #13
Up Magazine NL: 97/100
MyGlobalMind: 9/10
metalunderground (Austria) 5/5
Ashladan.be 90/100
The Blog of Much Metal/Powerplay UK 9/10
rockdospuntocero.com 8,5/10
Gaffa.dk: 4/6

new-transcendence.com: 10/10:

“an incredible power metal album with some death metal elements”


“Mercenary are an incredibly underrated band, one of metal’s best kept secrets”

metal-temple.com: 9/10

“MERCENARY, since emerging as a foursome crew, has been assimilating the meaning of true greatness, their attention to details is exemplary with great ideas to keep up the foundation going.”

METAL.de 8/10:

“Ein rundum starkes und höchstgradig unterhaltsames Album, das die Stärken von MERCENARY hervorragend auf den Punkt bringt.”


“Power, melody, musicianship of highest rate with an excellent blend of melancholy and a progressive touch makes this their best album to date!”

Today´s Music Bulgaria 9/10:

“The best years of the Modern Melo-death might be behind us but MERCENARY are still here to bring us yet another MMDM masterpiece! “Through Our Darkest Days” is one of the best albums this genre has seen in the last 10 years! Great songwriting, great vocals, great guitars, and choruses so great, you’ll start singing them along right after you hear them.”